INFORMATION Company Information

Company Name
Immersive, Inc.
Representative Director
Craig Makino
4F EBISU ONE BLDG., 1-8-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013, Japan
Principal Businesses
Immersive Special Image System
  -Immersive Engine Development
  -System implementation and contracted development
AI Digital Signage
  -SaaS delivery system
  -Customization, contracted development
Consulting Services
  -Overseas business support, business strategy support
  -Public relations strategy support
Contents Production
  360-degree video, shooting/editing
  -Website and SNS management
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MEMBER Board Members

  • CEO / Executive Producer

    Craig Makino

    As a founding member of Japan’s first digital signage company, PDC Corporation, he established the business model and grew PDC into the largest digital signage company in Japan. His business domain is not limited to digital signage, from supporting clients’ new business startups and overseas expansion, to designing AV systems for facilities. He established Immersive as an independent company to create new services.

  • Founder / Director

    Kenji Hachiya

    In 2001, he founded the branding company Yohaku Inc. Since 2015, he has been continuously involved in investment activities and new business development. 2019, he founded Immersive, Inc. with his CEO, Craig. He is responsible for everything from business expansion strategy to financing, exploring future synergies between digital signage and new technologies.

  • Producer/Producer

    Masaru Izumoto

    Since the early 2000s, he has worked with founders Craig Makino and Kenji Hachiya to implement many digital technologies and creative ideas into society. In his previous position at PDC Corporation, he was responsible for project management and business development, and was involved in the development and commercialization of services that incorporate new technologies. He has been involved in comprehensive digital production and project management for numerous major developer building and commercial facility development projects.

  • Programmer / Programmer

    Ken Furudate

    Graduated from the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) in 2002. He studied mainly real-time audio/visual programming and has worked as an audio visual artist all over the world. He has worked as an audiovisual artist all over the world and plays a key role in the development of the Immersive Engine as a video, sound and interactive programmer at Immersive.


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