Digitization of solid wall surfaces
Goggle-less and overwhelmingly immersive experience

About What is the Immersive Engine?

Solid space to digital space

By utilizing a proprietary immersive engine, digital information is reproduced throughout the entire immaculate space. Goggle-less immersive experiences are created with ultra-high definition 4K and 8K images to provide a realistic immersive experience space.

For a variety of uses and situations
Digital Experience

It is a multi-functional video system that can be adjusted to the digital experience required for various applications and business scenes, such as office entrances, showrooms, conference systems, entertainment, and sightseeing experiences.

Function Immersive Engine Features

Intuitive video broadcasting and screen control from a tablet

Video data is pre-registered in the cloud CMS (Content Management System) and can be easily controlled via tablet operation for video broadcasting, screen layout changes, etc. The intuitive UI eliminates the need for complex operations such as viewpoint control of 360° video, video playback stop, fast forward/rewind, document projection, and positional adjustments, making it easy for anyone to use. The intuitive UI requires no complicated operations and is easy for anyone to use.

Virtual immersive experience with live 360-degree video streaming
Seamless digital communication with remote locations

Only a 360-degree camera and a 5G Wi-fi router are needed at the remote location. The space and scene of the remote location is reproduced in real time. This makes it possible to present the attractiveness of products, services, factory facilities, and overseas bases while providing a digital experience with a sense of presence, as if you were there, without having to take customers to a rural or overseas location.

Up to 8 external PC screens can be connected.
Efficiently display multiple screens simultaneously for meetings and presentations.

With conventional systems, projection mapping and the simultaneous display of multiple images and documents required integrated management of multiple systems, complicating system design. The Immersive Engine streamlines the equipment and reduces installation costs by combining them into a single package. Anyone can easily display the screen.

System Immersive Engine System

Multi-layered high-definition video with in-house developed applications

Our proprietary technology enables the layered structure (multi-window display) of various video sources within an application to reproduce highly flexible production, expression, screen layout, etc., with simple operation.

Multi-vendor support enables system design

A completely new digital experience is provided by selecting and connecting video display devices such as projectors and LED visions, as well as live streaming cameras, PCs for external input, and CMS (content management system) required for the operation scenario.

Movies Video of our achievements

  • Virtual Wedding Venue Tour / ESCRIT INC.
    • Immersive Engine


    Virtual wedding hall tour

  • Creation HUB / Taikisha Ltd.
    • Immersive Engine

    Taikisha Ltd.

    Creation HUB

  • IDEA Showroom/SocioFuture, Ltd.
    • Contents Creation
    • Immersive Engine

    SocioFuture, Ltd.

    IDEA Showroom

  • NTT New Kuhonji Bldg. Innovation Experience Center.
    • Contents Creation
    • Immersive Engine

    Kumamoto Branch, NTT WEST

    NTT New Kuhonji Bldg. Innovation Experience Center

  • Immersive Experiences Facilitate Co-creation Innovation / LOGISTEED, Ltd.
    • Contents Creation
    • Immersive Engine



  • Rokkosan Visitor Center
    • Contents Creation
    • Immersive Engine

    Hyogo Prefecture

    Rokko Nature Immersive Experience Theater


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