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Interaction Design

Capability – Immersive content creation –

Interaction design construction that considers the end-user’s experience

Immersive has been implementing numerous interactive solutions in society since the dawn of digital signage. What has been important to us in this process is a seamless communication experience that allows users to “think on the spot” and “instantly get to the information they want.
We do not see the system as a point of reference, but rather as a part of the overall communication of the facility, and we create the most beneficial content.

Creation of contents beyond the boundaries of digital signage such as VR, AR, WEB, etc.

Immersive also takes orders for content production that goes beyond digital signage, using a wide range of digital technologies such as VR, AR, and the Web to motivate customers online and provide them with an interactive digital experience through signage and other means when they actually visit the site. We will also provide a digital interactive experience for customers when they visit our booths.
By designing the user’s online and offline experience as a whole communication, we optimize the UX of the brand.

Ongoing content creation and PR strategy support

Continuous content creation is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the system after its introduction. Regularly renewing and refining content through the PDCA cycle will help maximize the use of the system and strengthen corporate PR.

Immersive has formed a business alliance with “Shooting Tive, Inc.”, a company with strengths in PR strategy and content marketing. We do not stop at system implementation, but provide total support beyond that, including ongoing maintenance, maintenance, and operation, including content production.

SATSUEI-TIVE Inc Corporation's website

SATSUEI-TIVE Inc Corporation’s website

Movies Video of our achievements

  • IDEA Showroom/SocioFuture, Ltd.
    • Contents Creation
    • Immersive Engine

    SocioFuture, Ltd.

    IDEA Showroom

  • NTT New Kuhonji Bldg. Innovation Experience Center.
    • Contents Creation
    • Immersive Engine

    Kumamoto Branch, NTT WEST

    NTT New Kuhonji Bldg. Innovation Experience Center

  • Immersive Experiences Facilitate Co-creation Innovation / LOGISTEED, Ltd.
    • Contents Creation
    • Immersive Engine



  • Rokkosan Visitor Center
    • Contents Creation
    • Immersive Engine

    Hyogo Prefecture

    Rokko Nature Immersive Experience Theater


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