Support from proposal to operation of all cutting-edge digital technologies
Support from proposal to operation

Capability Immersive Consulting

We implement new experiences in society by aggregating advanced digital technologies.
Supporting the maximization of our clients’ business.

We have 20 years of technology and experience in digital signage, web design, and interaction design, and we are able to provide the expertise in system design and construction work required for the introduction of digital technology. Quay creative, design, and other areas related to design, sensibility, and communication. One-stop services from planning and proposal to operation, including post-introduction operational design and cost simulation. In the consulting area, we provide support in all areas, including business strategy, customer experience improvement, digital marketing strategy, data analysis, use of business intelligence for decision making, and business efficiency improvement.
Creative Partner: Random Studio

Actively incorporating cutting-edge digital technology from overseas,
We will make the best proposal from a wide range of options.

Immersive, which has many overseas clients and partners, has a wealth of know-how and seamless communication skills related to information gathering and system implementation of cutting-edge technologies not only in Japan but also overseas. We support the introduction and operation of digital technologies not only in Japan but also around the world.
Partnership: LightAct

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