Boucheron Ginza Main Store.

Boucheron Ginza Main Store Introduces Innovation System ~ Immersive experience in nature through real-time computer graphics ~

System integration of national and international state-of-the-art technologies in the digital experience of the main façade and interior of the museum

Immersive Inc. is a company that creates next-generation digital experiences by integrating new and existing technologies, hardware and software from new perspectives.
We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the system integrator for the main facade of Boucheron's Ginza flagship store, which reopened on September 8, 2023, and for cutting-edge technologies from Japan and abroad in the digital experience inside the store.

New immersive experience utilizing the Unreal Engine

The overall planning, design, and creative for the user experience was developed by Random Studio, an Experience Design Studio based in Amsterdam and Paris.
We provided all the necessary support in bridging the gap between their cutting-edge technology and ours, including equipment design, evaluation, problem solving, and local implementation at stores in Japan.

The creative features of the main façade and the nature inside the museum are the latest virtual technology to reproduce the landscape and forest using the Unreal Engine, and real-time computer graphics to provide an immersive experience of various angles of the forest, showing the beautiful seasonal changes of nature. This innovative technological presentation has enabled the creation of a new "Fabrizio" experience.
With this innovative technological presentation, the façade will never show the same images, representing the various seasons throughout the year.

In terms of staging, the transparent façade allows visitors to view each floor of the Ginza store during the day, but at night, an animated forest that changes from moment to moment according to the time of day and the four seasons unfolds. Like a poetic oasis appearing in the urban environment of Ginza's Chuo-dori Avenue, visitors can instantly immerse themselves in the seasonal scenery of Boucheron.
Our company will also provide one-stop services for post-introduction maintenance and operation operation plans and post-introduction support. Going forward, Immersive will continue to strengthen its partnerships with overseas companies to take on new challenges, incorporate cutting-edge technologies, and integrate new perspectives into various markets to create the next generation of digital experiences.

Partner Companies
【Random Studio】

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