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Visualization of in-store customer behavior and advertising effectiveness through the introduction of digital signage with AI cameras.

Immersive Corporation is pleased to announce that AWL Corporation and Global Poin Indonesia (GetPlus) (Head office: Jakarta, Indonesia; CEO: Antony Liem; hereinafter "GetPlus") have started nationwide deployment of digital signage with edge AI cameras for one of the largest shopping malls in Indonesia.

AWL has been developing edge AI camera solutions that efficiently convert real space into data in real time, with a focus on the retail industry. In particular, AWL Lite, which enables real-time analysis of passerby attributes and viewing conditions by combining edge AI cameras with digital signage, while taking privacy into consideration, is now being introduced in Japan as a promising technology in the hot retail media.

GetPlus has established a strong network with Indonesian retailers, manufacturers and brands by developing a consistent loyalty program along with a system that allows customers to earn points instantly through a unique smartphone application for Indonesian retailers with over 500 member stores.

"By installing high-quality digital signage equipped with AWL's edge AI cameras at GetPlus' partner retailers, more effective marketing methods such as targeted delivery and visualization of advertising effectiveness will become possible. In addition, the system will be linked to GetPlus' digital advertising service that utilizes purchasing data, enabling the provision of new value to advertisers.
Through these efforts, retailers will be able to further improve the customer experience and provide value to advertisers."

The first store to implement this project, Ranch Market, known for providing high quality products and the best customer experience, is a well-located store in Grand Indonesia, one of the largest shopping malls in Indonesia, located in the center of Jakarta. Starting with this initiative, we aim to expand the business throughout Indonesia.

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