• Creation HUB / Taikisha Ltd.

    Creation HUB / Taikisha Ltd.

    TAIKISHA Corporation is an engineering company whose main business is air conditioning systems and coating systems. Immersive Engine was installed at TAIKISHA INNOVATION GATE Shinjuku, which connects the company's technical development center in Kanagawa with a satellite facility in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. Ultra-high definition real-time images of the factory taken by 360° cameras are projected on an L-shaped white wall where two projectors are installed. The projection technology development center is connected online to the real-time video images of the projection technology. Furthermore, the projection of the person in charge of the facility on the wall enables seamless communication with the person in charge onsite, reducing travel and time costs. Immersive Engine is used in showrooms as an advanced system that connects remote locations in real time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【TAIKISHA INNOVATION GATE Shinjuku Official HP】 https://www.taikisha.co.jp/news/20230323_574.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • IDEA Showroom/SocioFuture, Ltd.

    IDEA Showroom/SocioFuture, Ltd.

    SocioFuture Corporation provides ATM monitoring and security coordination services and software development for financial institutions. The Immersive Engine was installed in IDEA, a showroom that utilizes space and content. Three projectors project ultra-high definition images on the L-shaped white walls, and the contents projected in the next-generation digital showroom space, which is also equipped with an ATM demo machine, can be controlled by iPad. No special knowledge is required. Anyone can easily display video and document data. In addition, interactive contents linked with an airborne touch display system using hologram technology have also been introduced. The welcome message and video presentation will create an impact and immersive experience for guests visiting the venue. The Immersive Engine is being used as a next-generation showroom system that stimulates imagination to experience advanced solutions and awaken inspiration. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【IDEA Official Website】 https://www.scft.co.jp/about/idea --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • NTT New Kuhonji Bldg. Innovation Experience Center.

    NTT New Kuhonji Bldg. Innovation Experience Center.

    A completely new video system that transforms a solid wall into a showroom or conference room - Project Overview Four projectors are installed in the information dissemination space of the new NTT Shin-Kuhonji Building in Kuhonji, Kumamoto Prefecture, which will be completed in December 2020, and a spectacular view of Kumamoto is shown in the visitor space. In addition,NTT WEST and PPTs can be selected for broadcast through the cloud CMS, and seminars and other events can also be supported by connecting PCs to display PPTs, etc. feature 1. floor-to-ceiling immersive experience with 6K 360° filming 2. Cloud-based content registration management. 3. equipped with a PA system, external input capture, and workshop system necessary for holding seminars and other events. Purpose of Use 1. Disseminate information about NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION 2. When holding seminars, etc. 3. Showroom environmental presentation Future Development Broadcasting real-time video using 5G and other technologies Expanding to web conferencing and live event broadcasts using 360°video - Client Kumamoto Branch, NTT WEST General Produce :NTT FIELDTECHNO CORPORATION Sales contact :PDC Co., LTD. - Our role UI / UX Design System Design Content Creation

  • Immersive Experiences Facilitate Co-creation Innovation / LOGISTEED, Ltd.

    Immersive Experiences Facilitate Co-creation Innovation / LOGISTEED, Ltd.

    ■ Client Introduction LOGISTEED, Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO and President: Yasuo Nakatani) is a logistics company that operates a global 3PL business with over 800 offices worldwide, receiving high acclaim for its innovative solutions within and outside the industry. The company has introduced the Immersive Engine into "LOGISTEED CAFÉ," a co-creation innovation space where various individuals involved in logistics from within and outside the company, gather. ■ Challenges Before Implementation Visualizing solutions in the logistics industry and communication with various locations away from the headquarters present significant challenges. The goal is to seamlessly convey complex logistics solutions that are difficult to communicate without being on-site and to creat a space for co-creation with both internal and external parties. Using the Immersive Engine, we provided an environment where participants can collectively contemplate the future of logistics and generate new ideas.

  • Rokkosan Visitor Center

    Rokkosan Visitor Center

    Virtual experience of hiking trails and seasonal attractions in the Rokko mountain range - Project Overview Rokko Visitor Center has opened a nature experience theater where visitors can learn about the history of Mt. Rokko and its rich nature through 270-degree virtual reality (VR) images that cover the entire field of vision. Rediscover the charm of Mt. Rokko through a powerful virtual tour of the seasonal highlights of the vast Rokko mountain range, which stretches approximately 30 km from east to west. - Client Hyogo prefecture General Produce :NTT WEST Sales contact :PDC Co., LTD. - Our role Concept Design System Design Hardware design Content Creation - Our Team Planning & Produce : Kenji Ooi System, Fixture & Interior Design : Clegg Makino System Programming : Ken Furudate Photography & Art Direction : Isshin Ochi Content Chief Editor : Naoki Kirimoto

  • Guest Experience Platform

    Guest Experience Platform

    - Project Overview Developed a control system for luxury hotel suites that centrally controls room theater, lighting control, air conditioning management, and room service usage with an innovation team from a consumer electronics manufacturer. 1. 8K 360°video turns your guest room into a theater 2. Connect to VOD or user's terminal to watch your favorite contents on the big screen in the theater or enjoy games. 3. cloud-based content registration management 4. Control lighting and air conditioning in the room with a control terminal (ipad), and centralized control of room service usage. - Client Luxury Casino Hotel International consumer electronics manufacturer - Our role UI / UX Design System Design Content Creation - Our Team UI / UX Design : Kenji Ooi System Design : Clegg Makino System Programming : Kotaro Konishi Photography & Art Direction : Isshin Ochi Content Chief Editor : Naoki Kirimoto


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